A Fortunate Encounter and Ring Return, Woodneck Beach, Falmouth, Massachusetts

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

As I was carrying my metal-detecting gear to search the beach for Rory’s husband’s wedding ring yesterday (my primary mission) I had a chance encounter with Brendan, who was just leaving.  He half-jokingly asked that if I found it, would I return the wedding ring that he’d lost there two weeks previously.  Well, here was another great opportunity to help someone overcome an unfortunate circumstance and to build on The Ring Finders story, so I asked him to walk with me to where he’d lost his ring and give me the details.  I gleaned all the necessary information, told Brendan that I’d look for his ring at first opportunity, and asked him to leave contact information on my phone so that I could reach him if I was successful.  It turned out that after he left, my primary search (for Rory’s husband’s ring) was successful within a short time, so after Rory and I celebrated that find and return, I continued on to the area of Brendan’s ring loss hoping that I could score a second success for the day.  Some might say that it was the doing of St. Anthony, but in any case Brendan’s ring slid under my detector coil and propelled itself into my scoop within about 45 minutes.  Yay!  It’s not often that a detecting day offers up a double!

I made call to Brendan to let him know I’d found his ring and we set up a reunion meeting for today at the beach, where I returned the ring.  Brendan’s smile in the picture tells the rest of the story.  I’m pleased as can be that our chance encounter led to a happy ending!


Brendan with his ring.


2 Replies to “A Fortunate Encounter and Ring Return, Woodneck Beach, Falmouth, Massachusetts”

  1. Louis Sarkas says:

    Great recoveries brian, twice the smiles in one day .

  2. John-Luke Fellows says:

    What can you say about Brian the Ring Finder? He saved the day for me! It felt like my world sank when my wedding ring slipped off my finger. I’m Old Silver Beach in the middle of the water over waist deep. I was sure there would be one way to find it, that was when I found Brian at Ring Finder Falmouth. Brian gave me confidence we would find the ring the moment I heard of him. When I heard his voice, I was confident he had been doing this for a long time. simply, for the love of the joy he sees people get when they get there ring back! Brian is outstanding gentlemen who goes above and beyond to find your ring!

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