Lost Mens Rose Gold Wedding Band Found At Rehoboth Beach Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 06/27/2022, I received a call from fellow New Jersey ring finder John Favno regarding a lost mens wedding band on the beach at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. John said that he had been contacted by a lady by the name of Sissi regarding the lost ring and he provided me with a phone number for Sissi. I then called Sissi to find out the particulars regarding the loss of her husbands ring. Sissi said that her husband lost his ring off of his finger when a wave hit his hand. I asked Sissi to send me some pictures of the beach and area of where the ring had been lost. After looking at the pictures that Sissi sent to me I decided that I would attempt to find the missing ring. I met Sissi and her husband (Jean) on the beach about an hour later, I asked Jean to go out and stand in the water in the area that he had lost his ring. Jean walked out into knee deep water at which time I searched around him for the ring, I did get a signal and what I dug up was a pair of sunglasses. After not locating the ring out in the knee-deep water I started to search the area where the waves were just breaking and the water was about ankle deep. I got another signal and upon digging it I found the lost ring in my sand scoop. The lost ring was then returned to a happy couple, Sissi told me that she and Jean had been married for eleven months and that their one-year anniversary was coming up in the month of July. I would like to wish Sissi and Jean a Happy Anniversary! Thank You Fellow Ring Finder John Favno for the referral!

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