White Gold Wedding Set Lost/Found At Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 07/18/2020, I received a phone call from Rebecca requesting my help in finding her lost wedding rings in the sand on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Rebecca had been on the beach with her family when she took her wedding rings off of her finger in order to put sunscreen on her son. Rebecca placed her rings on their blanket right in front of her chair and she forgot to put them back on her finger. Rebecca stated that she did not notice that her rings were missing until they had left the beach so she went back to the beach to look for them and was unable to find them. Rebecca stated that a lady that was on the beach overheard that she had lost her rings and that same lady provided Rebecca with my telephone number. I met Rebecca at the beach and she showed me the area where she had been sitting when she took her rings off. I began a grid search of the area and during the first pass I recovered a quarter. I turned and began my second pass and as I got to the end of it I was able locate the two lost rings hiding in the soft sand. I handed Rebecca her recovered rings at which time she began to cry, she stated that she really did not think that I would be able to find her rings and then when I did she became emotional. Rebecca and I were starting to walk towards the dunes in order to take some pictures, I was greeted by a lady by the name of Donna and her husband. Donna had been the one who had given my telephone number to Rebecca, I had recovered a lost Gold/Diamond ring for Donna and her husband on Rehoboth Beach on 07/16/2018 and they had kept my information. I thanked them for the referral.