Lost Mens Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Found At Cape Henlopen State Park In Lewes, Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 05/14/18, I received a text message as well as an email from Adam regarding the loss of his Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Band At Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware. Adam said that he had been camping over the weekend with his cub scout pack at the State Park and on Saturday 05/12/18 he had lost his wedding band. Adam said that he had been sitting when he took his ring off and placed it in his lap. Adam said that he stood up forgetting that his ring was in his lap and that it was lost in the sand. Adam also sent me a detailed map of the area of the lost ring. I called Adam at which time I told him that I would look for his ring for him and would let him know if I was able to locate it. I then responded to the location of the lost ring and began a grid search for it. After about five minutes of searching Adams lost ring was located and recovered. I took a picture of the ring in the sand and sent it to Adam by text. I asked Adam if the ring looked familiar he said “yes” and identified it as his lost ring. I then mailed the ring back to Adam which he received about a day later. Below is an email sent to me by Adam the day after he had gotten his ring safely returned.

Hi Alan,

I can’t thank you enough for finding my wedding ring. I thought I would never see it again when I left Cape Henlopen on Sunday. When I got to work on Monday I felt I needed to at least make a call to the park office and report I lost it, not that I expected anyone to ever find it, let alone turn it in. I can’t remember the exact search terms I used when I was searching for the park office website, but I came across one of your posts on theringfinders.com. After reading through a few more posts I felt there was a pretty good chance you could find it, if no one else had stumbled upon it in the meantime. An email, a text message, a phone call and a few hours later you found my ring. I thought, wow, that was too easy. Well, you are obviously good at what you do and I wish I had known about the website sooner. I will be sure to share my experience and promote the website, a true “ring” saver!

Attached is a picture you can use for the website.

Thanks again and happy hunting!

– Adam

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