Lost Engagement Ring Found In The Bay At Ocean City, Maryland

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 08/21/16, I received a call from Tom requesting my help in locating an engagement ring that had been lost in the waters of the bay in Ocean City, Maryland. I learned that Tom and Michelle had been engaged on 08/12/16 and while visiting the Ocean City, Maryland area the ring had been lost in the bay on 08/20/16 at 6:30 pm. Tom and Michelle had ridden a jet ski from the residence that they were staying at over to a local restaurant, while sitting on the jet ski Michelle decided to place her engagement on her necklace chain for safe keeping. Before Michelle could get the ring on her necklace chain it slipped out of her hand and fell into the water. Tom made arraignments with the local restaurant to allow me to search for the ring on 08/22/16 at 7:00 am as the ring had been lost in the water just off of the beach of the restaurant. Upon arriving at the search location, Tom and Michelle took me to the area where the ring had been lost. The ring had been lost in about two feet of dark murky water right in the area where  jet skis had been docked. After Tom pointed out the area of the lost ring I placed four markers in an area measuring about six feet by six feet. In that area I recovered four beverage pull tabs, during a search I dig all targets just in case. I also showed Tom and Michelle all four tabs as I recovered each one. I then started to work the area of deeper water away from the beach at which time Tom told me that he felt the that ring had been lost closer to the beach. I adjusted my search at which time I began to search the outside area of where I had placed the first marker. Just as I began to search next to the first marker the sound that I was waiting for came through my headset. I then recovered the ring and as I pulled it out of my sand scoop I revealed the prize to Tom and Michelle who were truly grateful for the return of the ring. Congratulations to Tom and Michelle on their engagement. seecrets-oc-md.

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  1. alan seeney says:

    Hi Mr. Seeney,
    My name is Donna. Last weekend my daughter, Michelle & her fiancé , Tom contacted you to help find her engagement ring in the bay in Ocean City, MD. I wanted to personally thank you for your efforts in returning my daughter’s ring to her.. We were devastated when we heard she had lost it and our hearts broke for the happy couple… With your expertise and honesty, the sadness we experienced for 36 hours immediately turned to joy and gratefulness … Keep doing what you do to bring this same joy to others.. Thank you again, Donna

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