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Gold Heirloom Wedding Ring Lost at Sea 19 Days Westport WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Jonathan contacted me explaining a few weeks prior he and his wife were surfing at Westport WA. He told me that he stashed all of his gear on the big rocks near the shore line. However when he started walking in the surf he was concerned about his gold heirloom wedding ring. At this moment when he went to check his ring it got loose and fell off his finger. He watched it fall into the ocean water and was devastated. He then spent a lot of focused time and energy searching the sands hoping to find his ring. Even after purchasing a pair of swim goggles and returning the next day at low tide to no avail Jonathan was not able to locate his gold wedding band. After this experience he did an online search on metal detecting for a lost ring. He found TheRingFinders.com website and started calling for help. A few other finders were unable to assist and Jonathan was told to give me a call. I answered the call and the hunt was on! I scheduled the hunt for an early morning tide with a two and a half hour drive with nothing more than a hope and a prayer that the cell service was good enough to support a face time video call. Jonathan stayed in Seattle as I headed out to the beach in the middle of the night. I reminded him to keep his phone on so I could call him once I arrived on the beach.

Fortunately the cell service was good for a FaceTime call. We spent forty-five minutes on video chat in the dark with my flashlight crawling all over the beach in search of that one specific patch of rocks where he stowed his gear. After much time we settled on one specific spot that grabbed his attention from his best memory. I keep Jonathan on the call as I walked out into the surf and this was one of the smartest decisions I made all night that truly paid off immensely.

We were amazed his gold heirloom wedding ring, having been lost at sea in the surf sands for a total of nineteen days, remained in place as if held by the very hand of God until the day of recovery. I was honored to have the oppertunity in recovering Jonathan’s ring. Now his cherished family heirloom wedding ring can live on as an example to all to never give up on hope and faith. A truly inspiring story and reminder to each of us that difficult situations can and do end with success!

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