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Lost Texas A&M College Ring Houston, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)


I was contacted by Chris a resident in Houston (North Houston) regarding his daughters lost Texas A&M College Ring (Aggies). Chris said he believes his grandson had picked up his daughters A&M ring and dropped it somewhere in his front yard. Chris said earlier in the day his grandson had grabbed the ring off of a counter in the house, and was seen playing with it, Chris said they took it away and placed in an area out of his reach. Well thats what they thought, they later discovered the ring was again missing. Chris said after throughly searching the house and not finding the ring, they knew the only other place it might be is in the front yard. Chris said his grandson had been in the front yard the day the ring went missing.


I made trip up to north Houston, and met with Chris who outlined the areas he believed the ring might have been lost. Chris’ house was a corner lot, and when I arrived, I was thinking this is going to be a long hot day.

I used a little marking paint on Chris’s lawn to establish a search grid pattern and was preparing for an extensive search of his front and side lawn. I opted to start the search near his front door and hit the first foot of grass and “Hello” Texas A&M.

Must be my fastest recovery to date, nice when it all comes togehter.

Running the CTX 3030 on this call.