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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring ... El Segundo, CA. ... Found in Sand at Volleyball Court


Saturday .. May 3, 2014

Scott called me about 4:30 pm asking me if I could help him find a ring lost in the sand in El Segundo Beach, CA. It was a good distance for me to drive, but I felt I could get there within an hour. When I arrived I met Scott in the parking lot and as we walked over to the volleyball court I got another call for a lost ring in Laguna Beach. I asked them if they could wait and they agreed to wait till I finished this search.

Scott said his fiancé was playing volley ball when her platinum/diamond engagement ring went flying off her finger. These are usually easy searches, except when I turned on my detector there was a lot of radio or microwave signals interfering with my detector. I was lucky enough to have my CTX 3030 detector which has a switch that eliminates this interference . After making the adjustments it was a short time till I found the beautiful ring. When I held the ring up all Scott and his fiancé’s friends applauded and yelled. I got about 3 or 4 hugs from some of her girl friends. After a few minutes to take some photos I ran to my car to drive to Laguna Beach.



3 Responses to “Lost Diamond Engagement Ring … El Segundo, CA. … Found in Sand at Volleyball Court”

  1. Good search, Stan… So, I guess the marriage is still on!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Nice recovery Stan! Thankfully you had the CTX with you as those areas can be very difficult to search with that interference,,,Happy Hunting, Chris

  3. Steve Smith says:

    Nothing but smiles, way to go. Great find.


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