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How to Find a Ring Lost in the Sand.. Southern California Beaches

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.*** Brendan called asking if I was available to help him find his friend’s wedding ring. He was guarding the location because his friend had to leave with their five children after a whole day at the beach. The wedding band was in the Cupholder of a beach chair and they realized the ring had fallen into the sand as they pack up their beach gear. 

After spending a few minutes searching they had to leave. Brendan volunteered to stay and called me to help him search for the ring. It was just sunset when I met him at the location. I took a few minutes to get a little information about how the ring was lost. Lost less than two hours ago, discovered the ring missing shortly after it dropped into the sand and guarding the location till I arrived. Everything that I needed to make a successful recovery.

I set up my detector, did three 20 foot grid lines ”Boom” a great signal and wedding ring in the scoop. Brendan was surprised and happy to call his friend giving him the good news of the ring recovery. 

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Lost Gold Ring in Mission Viejo, CA. Park.. Found and Returned by Metal Detector Man

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… I was contacted by Phil who believe he lost his gold wedding ring while at a Totlot in Mission Viejo, CA. He had put his ring in his pocket when he took his son to play at the local park. When Phil talked to me on the phone he said he would not be able to meet me until late afternoon.

In this case I didn’t believe it was necessary to have him present as normally totlots are not very large. I assured him that he could trust me as I do this often, I don’t need anymore rings. It’s much more rewarding to find and return sentimental keepsakes such as wedding rings.

I was able find the park and I had the whole park to myself. It was a short walk to the sandy Totlot play area. He had mention that the monkey bar area was where he believed the ring was lost but he had also spent time with his son at the swings. 

When I came to the swing area there were tell tale signs that it had been searched, finger drag marks. A quick scan with my detector, no signals. Then I walked directly to the bars where the ring signal showed up on my metal detector. Phil was right about the location of the loss. 

I took a photo of the ring and Phil was able to meet me in between his daily duties. He was very appreciative that he was able to get his ring found and returned by just making a phone call. 

These days people are busy and it always easy to get the time to rent a metal detector, learn how to work it and get back to spend hours learning to search for a important irreplaceable sentimental keepsake. This is why I feel good about helping people like Phil, also we have to give credit to the Internet and all the new technology.

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Call Now, I can answer any questions about finding your lost valuable .. Stan .. 949-500-2136

Lost Gold Wedding Ring at The Wedge, Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in the Sand Next Day

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… Kendra and her husband Michael were at The Wedge in Newport Beach, CA. It is a famous surfing and body surfing spot at the south end of the Balboa Penesula. Michael had handed Kendra his wedding ring as he didn’t want to lose it while body surfing.

They returned home before realizing Kendra did not have the ring. Early the next morning they returned to search by hand in the dry sand. While they were crawling around in the sand. The couple that I had found their ring the day before ( Jolene and Greg )  told them about my service. Kendra looked me up on TheRingFinders website. I was able to meet them shortly after talking to them. 

When we met they showed me a 20’x20’ square area where they had been sitting. Like most beach loss locations it was easy to spot with all the finger drag marks in the sand. It didn’t take long to find the yellow gold wedding ring. They were amazed that the service was available, telling me they would tell all their friends about The Ring Finders website. 

If you have lost a valuable metal item. Don’t wait, call as soon as possible… Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “.. Email:

Crystal Cove Metal Detector Service Found and Returned Wedding Ring Lost in the Sand

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Beach Metal Detector Service available at Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA. helped a couple of tourists find a gold wedding band lost in the sand…  Available to help you now… Call Stan Ross ..  949-500-2136

**** George and Sarah had been at Crystal Cove State Beach which is located in the city of Newport Beach, CA. They had met friends that evening for dinner and a few drinks at the Beachcomber Resturant. They took a walk on the beach after dinner. George had made a gesture with his hand and his loose-fitting wedding band flew off his finger into the dry sand.

Six people spent most of an hour searching the sand in the dark with no results. Then one of them did a google search that gave turned up my contact information on the ring finders website.

It’s less than a five mile drive for me so we met shortly after talking on the phone. This would have been nearly impossible without the benefit of cellphones and google search.

The other members of the group went back to the bar to enjoy their adult beverages. Sarah and George walked me to the location and we had the ring minutes after I turned on my metal detector. Part of their evening was disrupted but they were still able to enjoy the rest of the evening with their friends. 

I know we could have found the ring the next day. It would have involved a separate 40 mile trip for Sarah or George plus a whole night of worrying about the loss of a very sentimental keepsake. Some people have jobs or obligations that prevent them from meeting up to show me the general locations. Many times I’ll ask for a Google map screen shot or a Google map pin marker to get me to the general location when they are unable to meet me.

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Lost Hierloom 22k Gold Bracelet.. Venice Beach Pier, CA. .. Found by Stan the Metal Detector Man

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…. Jas is a college student who lost an irreplaceable heirloom 22k bangle type Bacelet that had been passed down from his grandmother to his mother and then to him. He was at Venice Beach, CA. next to the pier. A very populated part of the beach.

The loss occurred two days before he contacted me. Jas and several of his college friends were play spike ball on the beach when decided to put the gold bracelet in his backpack for safekeeping. Sometime during his stay the backpack must have got knocked over or the bracelet was pulled out when he took something out of the backpack.

Discussing the facts of the loss, he only realized the irreplaceable heirloom was not in the backpack when he got back to his residence. I could tell that he was desperate and this bracelet was very important to him. 

It was important to not give Jas false hope. This location is very well maintained by LA county beach crews, also this time of year there are recreational metal detector people that search that area daily. This item was so big it could also be found by someone running their hands through the sand.

Nevertheless the less I agreed to drive and meet him at the location. Just before arriving Jas called telling me he couldn’t meet me at the Venice Pier. On to plan ”B”, I just decided to grid search the whole beach between the pier and the south lifeguard tower, starting from the towel line towards the parking lot. 

It was hard to stay positive because two days had passed. The beach had very little metal trash targets. After about two hours I had a half dozen coins, a couple cigarette lighters and a few bottle caps. Then the surprising banging signal. I thought it was a aluminum beer can. When scooped the target, I heavy gold bracelet banged in the bottom of my sand scoop. I had no idea of the size and how beautiful the item I was looking for. It had to be more than 3 ounces of 22k gold. It will be hard to forget how surprised I was.

I contacted Jas and he scrambled to find someone to drive him the hour drive to meet, so I could return the cherished third generation heirloom. When we met he told me he had always had hopes of passing this bracelet to his daughter someday. Now that is possible!

Don’t wait, call as soon as possible… Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “

Lost Wedding Ring in the Sand at Sunset Beach, California.. Recovered with a Metal Detector

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…Michael and his wife were at Sunset Beach, California. They were shooting videos of each other when Michael rolled down a sand embankment. He immediately felt that his wedding ring had come off. The sand was very dry and deep. The ring just disappeared. Then after  they spent a couple hours searching, a person who saw them searching told them about the ring finders website.

Michael called me and I was able to meet him at the site shortly after talking to him. We walked out to the location while he explained what happened. The embankment was actually a steep sand berm that the county puts up to protect the beach front homes from winter storms. 

It was a bit difficult to walk and swing the detector on the steep incline. Everything worked out well and the ring was still shallow enough for the metal detector to give me a decent signal. The ring was recovered several minutes after beginning the grid search. 

Michael and his wife were surprised and relieved that the ring was found. They told me that after their attempt to find the ring. Being totally frustrated they felt it was impossible to find such a small item in a sea of sand.  I told them a metal detector is the right tool to find a ring but you need the proper detector and know how to use it.

Another successful recovery for a happy grateful couple.

If you need help, Don’t wait, call as soon as possible… Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “