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How to Find a Ring Lost in the Sand.. Southern California Beaches

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.*** Brendan called asking if I was available to help him find his friend’s wedding ring. He was guarding the location because his friend had to leave with their five children after a whole day at the beach. The wedding band was in the Cupholder of a beach chair and they realized the ring had fallen into the sand as they pack up their beach gear. 

After spending a few minutes searching they had to leave. Brendan volunteered to stay and called me to help him search for the ring. It was just sunset when I met him at the location. I took a few minutes to get a little information about how the ring was lost. Lost less than two hours ago, discovered the ring missing shortly after it dropped into the sand and guarding the location till I arrived. Everything that I needed to make a successful recovery.

I set up my detector, did three 20 foot grid lines ”Boom” a great signal and wedding ring in the scoop. Brendan was surprised and happy to call his friend giving him the good news of the ring recovery. 

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Call Now, I can answer any questions about finding your lost valuable .. Stan .. 949-500-2136  .