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Irreplaceable Gold Tourmaline Ring Lost in Ocean at Long Beach, CA. .. Found Two Days Later

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**** Kathleen had been at a party in Long Beach, CA. with her friends on a Friday night. After midnight they all decided to take a swim in the ocean. Unfortunately she lost her vintage gold tourmaline ring in the water. After finding my contact information online, she told me that she was only in waist deep water and felt the ring slip off her finger. 

Kathleen was unable to meet me at the location. In this case it would be unnecessary because I would be searching at the low tide at 4am. Also she had sent me very clear directions using google earth marked up screen shots. My first search was in successful but I did get an idea of the conditions. The next day was a lower low tide and I was prepared to dig the many trash metal signals on this beach. 

I began my grid search in the center of the area of the loss, covering the zone to the north towards the water and back to the dry sand. After doing about 40 yards in that direction, I returned to my starting point where I continued my grid to the south. Second grid line in the south direction ”Boom” a great signal ( same as a aluminum pull tab )   Kathleen’s gold tourmaline ring. My first tourmaline ring and it was a beautiful color as the sunrise was beginning. 

I called her later that morning with the good news. We met later that morning to get her ring where it belongs. This ring was purchased several years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana as memory of her vacation to Marti Gras events. This was a challenging search dealing with the early tides and the metal trash, but worth every minute to be able to see the smile on Kathleen’s face when she held her cherished keepsake.

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