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Lost Engagement / Wedding Rings Found Metal detecting Lake Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Noelle & Kevin called me about Noelle’s lost wedding band and engagement ring. They were visiting relatives on a lake in Minnesota. It was a very hot day and they decided to take a swim off the dock. Noelle took her rings off and left them with her shoes and towels on the dock. While they were swimming, their dogs were playing on the dock and knocked the rings into the water. They searched to no avail and decided to google “lost rings” to see if anyone could help. Google came up with the theringfinders.com and they gave me a call. It had to be a quick turn around as they were only visiting for a couple days and were leaving soon. I switched a few plans around and headed up to the lake. It was a really quick search, I think I spent only 1 minute underwater before finding both rings.

Congrats Noelle, truly glad I could help. Both Kevin & Noelle were very gracious and very helpful. Hopes and prayers for a long & happy life together.

Take Care,

Darrin ~



Lost Wedding Ring Found Minnesota Lake / River

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Amy located me through theringfinders.com website. She lost her wedding ring and really wasn’t sure where. Her family had spent the day at the beach/park in Lake City Minnesota. While dining out that evening at a nearby restaurant, she noticed her ring was missing. They quickly backed tracked to the beach and parking area to search. As they talked to other people and park officials, they were informed of the ring finders website and Amy promptly called me. After talking about the scenario, we decided the best hope was on the beach or in the water. I met Amy’s husband Matt at the park and we did a quick search of the beach and water edge area. No luck. I suited up for a scuba search as Amy was swimming in water approx. 12 feet deep. It was a pretty large area to search and the water was murky with no visibility. When I get a hit on my metal detector I have to use feel to find the object. There was a lot of trash, I had to bring two full bags of trash back to shore and Matt would run it up to the trash can.  After 3 hours underwater I was just about out of air and out of confidence. I don’t know what it was, maybe divine intervention? Though, I was just getting out of the water and something told me to turn back I try one more time. Within the next few seconds I got another hit and there was that beautiful ring. It truly was an incredible search and find – One I will never forget.

Congrats to Amy & Matt!!! I’m so glad I could help recover your lost valuable.