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Lost Gold Wedding Ring in the Sand at Hermosa Beach, CA.. Found by Metal Detector Man

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**** Patrick and Scott live at Hermosa Beach, CA. they often relax on sand to watch the waves and sunset. Patrick put his gold ring safely on his watch band. Scott left his ring at their home for safekeeping.

While sitting on the beach, Patrick decided to adjust his watch band because it was too tight. Then the unexpected happen. His very sentimental gold wedding band slipped into the dry sand. They saw exactly where it went into the sand. Finger searching was not successful. They went back to house to get digging and sifting tools. Again the search was beginning to look futile.

I passerby saw them searching the sand and recommended they google TheRingFinders for a metal detector specialist. They called me and we met on the beach before the incoming high tide reached the area of the loss. I was surprised by the how they had scooped a perfect flat spot 8ft by 10ft piling the lose sand to each side. 

I set up my detector beginning a grid search. A short time later the ring was recovered in the side of their excavation zone in a pile of sand the removed. They had actually dug the ring throwing to the side of the spot it was dropped in the sand. Patrick was elated and very relieved to have original wedding ring recovered. Also he was beating himself up for even bringing it onto the beach. Look a the smiles, they are real!


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Lost Car Key Fob in Sand at San Clemente, CA. Beach .. Found with Metal Detector

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**** After a day at a local San Clemente, CA. beach, Justin and his family had discovered his car key fob was missing. The last they saw of them was when their 5 year old son was playing with them.

Justin thought his wife took them from their son. His wife thought Justin had taken the fob from then son. Nevertheless the keys were missing somewhere in the sand.

A passerby saw them searching for the missing key fob and told them about TheRingFinders. After he called me, agreeing to stay in the location, I met him a little more than a half hour later. 

It was a 25’x 25’ spot. The usual bottle caps and small metal trash. As I was running out of search area when I got a deep weak signal. I dug more than 12” deep to my surprise it was the car key fob. Usually they are just below the surface, but the youngster must have been burying pirate treasure. Who knows, just happy for a successful search and recovery.


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Platinum Diamond Ring Lost in Sand.. Sunset Beach, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

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**** Mila called me from Sunset Beach, CA. asking for assistance to find her platinum and diamond ring. The ring came off her finger as she jestured with a flick of her hand. It went directly into the dry sand disappearing immediately. 

She and her friend spent an hour feeling through the sand realizing it was going to be impossible to find the small ring in the sand. They also had to a very important appointment across town in just a few hours.

Mila told me she could be at the location till I arrived. From what she told me, I assured her we could find the ring in a short time. It was just a half hour drive and a short walk to the beach. I set up my detector and within a few minutes we had the beautiful platinum diamond ring back on Mila’s finger where it belongs.

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