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Lost Wedding Ring Katy, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Wedding Ring Katy, Texas (Recovered)

Texas Labor Day Slip and Slide, beating the Texas Heat…awesome.

I received a call from Sean on Monday-Labor Day, regarding his lost wedding ring. Sean said he had been at a friends house participating in some labor day festivities when he lost his ring. Sean said they had constructed a giant slip and slide for Labor Day and he had been sliding on it when he discovered his wedding ring missing from his finger.

The Slip and Slide Race:

Sean said the rules to the race were simple slide down the slip and slide, run to a table twenty feet away, chug a beer, and the flip the beer cup until it lands right side up. Once that was done your teammate could start the race and this would continue until all of your teammates completed the race. The best 7 out of 7 runs would determine the winner, my thought was it would be nice if you could still hit the slip and slide after beer 5-6? LOL  Sounds like it was a lot of fun, but unfortunately Sean lost his Wedding Ring at some point during the fun.

Sean said once he discovered his wedding ring was missing everyone at the party stopped and assisted him in looking for his lost ring, but it was not found. Sean said he returned the following day and spent 6 hours working the search area with his fathers metal detector, but he was still not able to find his lost ring.

Sean said he located me on the internet at “The Ring Finders”

I asked Sean to send me a few photo’s of the area needing to be searched,  I always like getting a view of the area prior to the search. Sean sent the following video of the labor day event and a picture of his lost ring.  The video quality is poor, but you will get the idea.












I met Sean today at his friends house in Katy, Texas to search for his lost ring.




I think Sean had completely given up hope of getting his ring back after 2 hours of searching. We took a short break, and then I asked Sean to walk me through the events in detail (where he started from, where he ran too, etc.) and it was at this time we talked about how the slip and slide had been moved a few times to get it just right. I had Sean walk me through the locations of where the slid had been moved from on the previous set-up attempts.

I worked the outer edge of one of the ealier set-up locations and was awaken by a nice tone from the CTX3030. I looked down and saw Sean’s Ring sitting right on top of the grass.




























Sean is an extraordinary individual and it was a great pleasure to be able to return his wedding ring.


Equipment Used:


TRX Pinpointer


Nothing further,


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