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Lost Gold Heirloom Wedding Ring .. Huntington Beach, CA. … Found

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Jennifer had been holding her husband’s gold wedding ring while he went swimming in the ocean at Huntington Beach, CA. When her husband, Blair returned he was told that by Jennifer that she had lost the irreplaceable heirloom ring that had been once belonged to his grandfather.

This type of ring loss seems to be a trend lately. The other ways people lose rings at the beach are setting the ring on the towel while putting on sunscreen or putting rings in cupholders of beach chairs. 

Blair went to the nearby concession stands trying to locate a metal detector and Jessica stayed with their kids getting on line where she located me on TheRingFinders website. I was 6 miles away but it took a little extra time to find parking as all the parking lots were full because of several special events. You never know what type obstacles that come up until arriving at the location. This time it only involved walking an extra quarter of a mile.

They were waiting patiently on the beach where the loss occurred, that’s a good thing. Jennifer pointed out where she had been playing with the kids in the sand. She had the ring on her finger and believed that’s where it came off. I started there and it was a quick find. Only two pieces of trash metal then the third signal was the special heirloom ring more than 70 years in the family. 

It was a great day to be able to help Jennifer and Blair find their ring. On that location of Huntington City Beach it would not have been there the next day. They use the best beach cleaning every night. Timing is very important on many beaches in the Los Angeles and Orange County beaches.