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Wedding Ring Found By The Ring Finders in Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Went on a cold ring search today, brrrrr only 18 degrees!

Got a call yesterday from a guy who was visiting Vermont on a Thanksgiving get together. He, his wife, their 3 little ones, some brothers, uncles and aunts had rented a lodge near a local skiing mountain. He and his brothers went outdoors to get some air and burn off some calories. They had a snowball fight and threw knives at some logs. After awhile he realized his wedding ring was missing. It was loose fitting to begin with and the cold snow made his fingers shrink a little.

He had to go back to their home today, but he gave me the address to go to. His brother was their searching with a metal detector that they just bought. He was learning it real well, but it was an extremely difficult yard to detect. There was scrap metal all through the soil, and crusty snow and ice to contend with as well. There was also a load of EMI in the air (glad I took 2 detectors with me!). After a couple hours, his brother had to leave. About another 3/4 hour later, I got a clean signal. I moved some ice and there it was, partially pressed into the dirt below. Wow, what a blessing!!!

I called his brother, he hadn’t driven too far, and brought him the ring so he could deliver it to his brother.

Found Wedding Ring in Central Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)


Got a call from a woman who had lost her wedding ring earlier today. She had been outside pulling weeds and moving brush at her home. After taking a load through the mud and out to the woods, she realized her ring was missing. She figured it had to be where she was throwing the weeds, so she spent several hours on her hands and knees looking for it there.

Her ring is beautiful, a custom made ring with mountains on it. Unfortunately, it fit a little loose, so she had always tried to be careful not to lose it. Even so, it had been lost once before doing the same thing!

I went to her home right away. She showed me the area where she thought it would be and I found it in about 15 seconds! It was in the only spot she hadn’t looked. Easy to tell that because the rest of the area was trampled by her knees! I was very happy to be able to help her out!

Another Ring Found in Vermont Leaves

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)


Got a call today from someone who’s name sounded very familiar. Then when she described her ring I immediately remembered finding that ring for her many years ago!

This ring was given to her by her mother when she was in graded school, so it really hurt not having it on her finger for the past week.

She nows has a 3-1/2 year old and was having a great time playing in a huge leaf pile with her. A little while later she realized the ring was missing.

So I went right over, she brought me to the leaf pile and I got started. Just minutes later I got a great signal with the right numbers. There it was, in the grass deep under the pile. She was so happy!

What a great weekend, reuniting 2 people with very sentimental rings!

Lost Ring Found in Burlington VT

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I got an email yesterday from a woman who lost a ring a week ago. She and her boyfriend looked for it all week with no luck, and were about to go buy a detector to find it. The ring hadn’t come from an expensive jewelry store, but was special to her because her boyfriend had made it for her, and it is a very cool ring!

I went over and she showed me the search area. It included the backyard where they had planted clover over a large area and flower bulbs along a fence. She had also possibly lost it on a 100 yard sidewalk.

I started where the bulbs were, got lots of nail and scrap signals. This property had been lived and worked on for probably the last 200 years! Then we went down the sidewalk with no luck. Lastly, I figured the best thing to do was a grid search of the back lawn where they had just tilled and planted clover. Lots of signals!! On the third pass, I got a signal with numbers all over the scale, but dug it anyway. There it was! I got cheers from her and her boyfriend who were with me and cheers came out if the house windows, too! I didn’t realize there was such a big audience!

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Property Markers Found In Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I’ve been pretty busy with other types of searches lately, not just jewelry. A few weeks ago an older gentleman called me after he learned I search for things with metal detectors. His daughter had just had a large cedar fence installed on her side and back lawn. She was second guessing herself about whether she had told the fence installers the correct borders of her property. She thought there was a possibility that the side fence might be partially on her neighbor’s property. They figured it would cost a bundle to hire a surveyor, and may take some time to get it done. So, they called me to see if I could find the lines. I went right up that weekend to try to locate the markers. They helped me by providing the deed and helping me measure back from the street right of ways. After about an hour we found all 3 of the markers that indicated where the back and side of her property was. The good news was that the side she was worried about was fine, it was about 3′ inside her line. The bad news was that about 1/2 of the back section of fence was on the other neighbors land. We all knew that the fence installers would charge a lot to come back and move the fencing. So, I offered to go back and do it for her. A couple weeks later I went back and removed 2 of the side sections and moved the other 7 sections back onto her property.
They were the nicest people, offering me water food and help. They were from the Southwest and that Southern Hospitality was great!

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Ring Found in Burlington Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Met a very sweet, newlywed young couple today. They were out doing yard work yesterday when he lost his wedding ring. He was raking and bagging leaves in the back yard of the house they just moved into one week ago! It was a quick and successful search. They were so happy!! He’s going to get it resized very soon. She offered me food and he gave me 2 huge boxes of DVD movies! I love this hobby!


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Ring Found Near Barre Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

A couple weeks ago I was out doing some random metal detecting for fun and to keep skills up. Found lots of interesting things and a big shiny ring came up! It was a class ring from a nearby high school with the year 2008 on it. It didn’t take much work to clean it up and it was still in brand new condition. Inside the ring it was engraved with the person’s name….very smart of him! My girlfriend found him on Facebook and we made arrangements to meet and give his ring back. He was very happy and had no idea where he had lost it.

If you lost a ring years ago, don’t give up, call me! Please let friends and relatives about this service, I love this hobby! I love finding things for people! Click on my name above for more stories and contact information.



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Lost Jewelry Found near Morrisville Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I got a call yesterday around lunchtime from a lady who had lost her pendant while mowing her large lawn with a riding mower. She got into a tangle with her apple tree and the chain holding her pendant got damaged without her knowing it. After she had finished and gone indoors she realized her pendant was missing.
This pendant was very meaningful to her because it was given to her by someone who was a special part of her life years ago. He had died unexpectedly at the young age of 40.
She searched hard for it and was about to go buy or rent a metal detector when she discovered my ring finding service. She lived about 40 miles away, so I left immediately. My cousin’s husband, a longtime metal detectorist, was available and joined me for the search. I was hoping to find it right away under the apple tree, but knew it could be anywhere on the property. We searched the entire afternoon with no luck.
This morning I got up early to go back and search again. The forecast was for rain all day, so I packed the rubber boots and rain gear. I always bring 2 detectors in case one is better than the other for the conditions. Knowing it could be a long day, I offered to let her use the second one. She also was very interested in the machines because she used to be a mineral and gemstone hunter.
I searched the back lawn and she searched the front and side lawns. After an hour or 2 I heard a scream and saw her running around the house towards me! She had found it where she had parked the car on the front lawn and had washed it after mowing the grass. She was shaking from the excitement! I was very happy for her. Happy endings are great!

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Lost Ring Burlington Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Hi. I recently joined The Ring Finders service and am very excited to start helping people find their lost jewelry. I can also help you look for just about anything important or valuable with metal in it, such as keys, property markers, water supply shutoffs, tools, etc. Don’t forget, the sooner we start looking, the higher the chance for our success! Mother Nature and possibly someone else could get to it before we do. On the other hand, I have found rings that were lost decades ago, too. They were down in the ground several inches, packed with dirt, but cleaned up beautifully. So, don’t give up!

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Thank you,  Mike