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Property Markers Found In Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I’ve been pretty busy with other types of searches lately, not just jewelry. A few weeks ago an older gentleman called me after he learned I search for things with metal detectors. His daughter had just had a large cedar fence installed on her side and back lawn. She was second guessing herself about whether she had told the fence installers the correct borders of her property. She thought there was a possibility that the side fence might be partially on her neighbor’s property. They figured it would cost a bundle to hire a surveyor, and may take some time to get it done. So, they called me to see if I could find the lines. I went right up that weekend to try to locate the markers. They helped me by providing the deed and helping me measure back from the street right of ways. After about an hour we found all 3 of the markers that indicated where the back and side of her property was. The good news was that the side she was worried about was fine, it was about 3′ inside her line. The bad news was that about 1/2 of the back section of fence was on the other neighbors land. We all knew that the fence installers would charge a lot to come back and move the fencing. So, I offered to go back and do it for her. A couple weeks later I went back and removed 2 of the side sections and moved the other 7 sections back onto her property.
They were the nicest people, offering me water food and help. They were from the Southwest and that Southern Hospitality was great!

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