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Wedding Ring Found By The Ring Finders in Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Went on a cold ring search today, brrrrr only 18 degrees!

Got a call yesterday from a guy who was visiting Vermont on a Thanksgiving get together. He, his wife, their 3 little ones, some brothers, uncles and aunts had rented a lodge near a local skiing mountain. He and his brothers went outdoors to get some air and burn off some calories. They had a snowball fight and threw knives at some logs. After awhile he realized his wedding ring was missing. It was loose fitting to begin with and the cold snow made his fingers shrink a little.

He had to go back to their home today, but he gave me the address to go to. His brother was their searching with a metal detector that they just bought. He was learning it real well, but it was an extremely difficult yard to detect. There was scrap metal all through the soil, and crusty snow and ice to contend with as well. There was also a load of EMI in the air (glad I took 2 detectors with me!). After a couple hours, his brother had to leave. About another 3/4 hour later, I got a clean signal. I moved some ice and there it was, partially pressed into the dirt below. Wow, what a blessing!!!

I called his brother, he hadn’t driven too far, and brought him the ring so he could deliver it to his brother.

Lost Class Ring Found In Montpelier Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

About 2 years ago I was trying out a new metal detector in a local park. I got a nice surprise when a beautiful gold class ring came up from about 6″ down in the clay. I cleaned it up and discovered a name inscribed on the inside. It was a 1977 ring from a high school probably 200 miles from here. It was a little tricky finding the owner because her maiden name was on it. After some research I found who was probably her on Facebook. My message must have gone into her “other” box because we aren’t “friends”. No response. About a year later I messaged her again. Another year went by and I finally got a reply from her. She must have given up on ever seeing the ring again, so she was skeptical that I was a legitimate person and thought maybe it was a scam. We exchanged descriptions of the ring and exactly where I found it, she then knew it was hers. She had been going to a local college around 1978, and was visiting the local park when she lost it.

I mailed her the ring. After 37 years of being lost in the dirt, a surprised and happy lady has her ring back! It looks like it still fits her nicely!