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Lost Jewelry Found near Morrisville Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

I got a call yesterday around lunchtime from a lady who had lost her pendant while mowing her large lawn with a riding mower. She got into a tangle with her apple tree and the chain holding her pendant got damaged without her knowing it. After she had finished and gone indoors she realized her pendant was missing.
This pendant was very meaningful to her because it was given to her by someone who was a special part of her life years ago. He had died unexpectedly at the young age of 40.
She searched hard for it and was about to go buy or rent a metal detector when she discovered my ring finding service. She lived about 40 miles away, so I left immediately. My cousin’s husband, a longtime metal detectorist, was available and joined me for the search. I was hoping to find it right away under the apple tree, but knew it could be anywhere on the property. We searched the entire afternoon with no luck.
This morning I got up early to go back and search again. The forecast was for rain all day, so I packed the rubber boots and rain gear. I always bring 2 detectors in case one is better than the other for the conditions. Knowing it could be a long day, I offered to let her use the second one. She also was very interested in the machines because she used to be a mineral and gemstone hunter.
I searched the back lawn and she searched the front and side lawns. After an hour or 2 I heard a scream and saw her running around the house towards me! She had found it where she had parked the car on the front lawn and had washed it after mowing the grass. She was shaking from the excitement! I was very happy for her. Happy endings are great!

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