Lost Ring Found in Burlington VT

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

I got an email yesterday from a woman who lost a ring a week ago. She and her boyfriend looked for it all week with no luck, and were about to go buy a detector to find it. The ring hadn’t come from an expensive jewelry store, but was special to her because her boyfriend had made it for her, and it is a very cool ring!

I went over and she showed me the search area. It included the backyard where they had planted clover over a large area and flower bulbs along a fence. She had also possibly lost it on a 100 yard sidewalk.

I started where the bulbs were, got lots of nail and scrap signals. This property had been lived and worked on for probably the last 200 years! Then we went down the sidewalk with no luck. Lastly, I figured the best thing to do was a grid search of the back lawn where they had just tilled and planted clover. Lots of signals!! On the third pass, I got a signal with numbers all over the scale, but dug it anyway. There it was! I got cheers from her and her boyfriend who were with me and cheers came out if the house windows, too! I didn’t realize there was such a big audience!

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  1. Great job, Mike!!! That’s definitely a very cool ring! First time I’ve seen a wrench ring. Even better that her boyfriend was able to make that for her.

  2. Mike Baker says:

    Thanks Christina, hope you have a fun Summer with lots of successful searches!

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