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Found Wedding Ring in Central Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)


Got a call from a woman who had lost her wedding ring earlier today. She had been outside pulling weeds and moving brush at her home. After taking a load through the mud and out to the woods, she realized her ring was missing. She figured it had to be where she was throwing the weeds, so she spent several hours on her hands and knees looking for it there.

Her ring is beautiful, a custom made ring with mountains on it. Unfortunately, it fit a little loose, so she had always tried to be careful not to lose it. Even so, it had been lost once before doing the same thing!

I went to her home right away. She showed me the area where she thought it would be and I found it in about 15 seconds! It was in the only spot she hadn’t looked. Easy to tell that because the rest of the area was trampled by her knees! I was very happy to be able to help her out!