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Gold and Platinum Wedding Ring Lost In The Old Orchard Beach, Maine Sand, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Recovery and Return #45

As I was driving, my phone rang. I then saw a voicemail, had been left. The transcription of the voicemail was as follows

“Hello Mr. Boothby my name is William B****** . I am in vacation luxury beach . I just lost my ring, my wedding ring . I did it, in front of the Seawatch Condominiums, at high tide. Right around the junction where the water was just highest, near the dry sand so not in the water. It was right in front of the Pink building. I am leaving tomorrow back to Quebec City and I am leaving at 9 AM. So, if you ever have an opportunity, to come check it out and I don’t know how The Ring Finders of Maine thing works. Call me back 5**-***-****. It would be really really appreciated so please call me back thank you . My name is William B****** thank you bye…”

The voicemail had been left at 4:48pm and I immediately called him back. He and his wife were at the beach, but couldn’t find the Wedding Ring. I told William that I could be there, at approximately 6:30pm. I needed to get home, get my metal detecting gear and drive to Old Orchard Beach. I also told William that I do not charge, for my time or my Emergency Metal Detecting Service. I do require a $10.00 Transportation Fee, to cover my gas, tolls and wear and tear, etc.. William readily agreed to that.

Once I arrived home, I called William and told him I would be there within a 1/2 hour. William and his wife, would meet me, at the end of Cleaves St., Between The Seawatch Condominium and the Sandpiper Beachfront Motel.

If you know anything about Old Orchard Beach, Maine, you know that parking, is very difficult, to say the least. My wife often drives me down, drops me off and will return, to pick me up later. I can’t tell you how much this helps me and she is an absolute angel, to support me, in this Ring Finder endeavor. So, a BIG shout out to my beautiful wife, Cheryl ❤️. She’s a real trooper, for putting up with me.

Once I arrived, I was met by William and he immediately took me down to the area, where he “Thinks” he lost his ring. When asked, he told me the Wedding Ring was Gold and Platinum and he just got married, a month ago. Wow, another newlywed. Plus, they were leaving, in the morning, going home to Quebec City. I just had to find it for them.

His wife Gabrielle was standing in the location , of where they hoped the ring would be. William and Gabrielle explained that they had been, at the beach, most of the day. They had taken a few walks, along the beach, swam in the ocean and when the tide came in, they were throwing a football around, at the high tide line and the dry sand. It was at this point, late in the day, that William noticed his ring was missing. Could he have lost it, in the water, on one of their walks or when he throwing the football? Both William and Gabrielle thought and were hoping it would be in the dry sand, where they were throwing the football.

William then showed me where he and Gabrielle were standing, while throwing the football. Approximately 50 feet separated the two of them. I then asked William if he was left or right handed. He is left handed, meaning the ring could have come off, and flown towards the water, at high tide. I decided to perform a grid, starting where William was standing, to approximately 5-10 feet past where Gabrielle was standing. I would also start approximately 5-10 feet to the left, of where William was standing, in case the ring flew off, towards the water, at high tide. I also want to search this area of the dry sand, because the beach cleaning machine, rakes the beach up and removes all the trash, from the beach. If I didn’t find the ring, before the beach was cleaned, the ring could be lost forever, in a landfill somewhere.
On my first pass, towards Gabrielle’s area, absolutely nothing. I then pivoted 1/2 step to my right, turned around and started back towards William. Approximately 5 feet, from where William had been standing, while throwing the football, I heard a very nice low tone, through my headphones, of my metal detector. I then looked at my VDI screen and saw a reading of 12-23. A very good sign, and exactly the reading , I would expect, for a Gold and Platinum Wedding Ring. I then turned around at looked at both William and Gabrielle and told them, “I think this is your ring”. I was that confident. William and Gabrielle walked towards me, as I plunged my pinpointer, into the sand. I immediately found the target, pulled a handful of sand up and there was a Gold and Platinum wedding ring. I had found his ring, right where they thought it might be and found in approximately 2 minutes.

They were both smiling , from ear to ear and were just stunned, with joy and disbelief I had found his ring. William put the ring, back on his finger, as quickly as he could. Here’s wishing many, many years of marital bliss to this young couple. I am just so happy to have been a part of getting this ring back to him.

Lost Gold Ring Found And Returned, in Old Orchard Beach, Maine With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

I was searching for a Gold Ring, in Ocean Park, Maine, on Saturday, June 8th. The ring had been lost, a full week earlier, but my client wasn’t aware of my services, until she read about a recovery and return, the night before, in Old Orchard Beach Maine, by me, The Ring Finders of Maine. A gold ring, lost for a week, on the beach, is not impossible to recover, just very difficult. Anything could have happened, including, she was mistaken about where the ring was lost, tides have come and gone or even another detectorist, could have found it.

Anyways, As I was searching, I felt my phone vibrate, in my pocket. I saw I had a voicemail, from an out of state phone number. I read the transcript and it said

“Hey Dennis , how do you do. My name is Tom. We are here for a few days and the wifey thinks she lost her ring where she is sitting, on the beach. Could you please give me a call at your convenience. I appreciate it. Call 4 1 3-***-****, Thank you “

I immediately called Tom back and he explained to me that his wife were staying at The Royal Anchor Beach Resort, an ocean front resort , near the Town of Scarborough, Maine and Pine Point Beach, Maine. The Royal Anchor’s front desk, gave Tom my business card and encouraged him to call me. Tom told me that his wife had taken her ring off, to apply lotion. A little bit later, she realized she didn’t have her ring anymore and since, she hadn’t left the area, the ring should be fairly close to their beach chairs.

I told Tom I would be happy to help but would be approximately 1 1/2 hours, before I finished my search in Ocean Park. Tom replied, no problem, we are just sitting on the beach, for the afternoon and aren’t going anywhere. I told him I would call him, as I was leaving Ocean Park and would only take me a few minutes to get there, as I was only 3-4 miles from The Royal Anchor.

1 1/2 hours later, I finished up my 1st search, unsuccessfully and called Tom to let him know I would be there, in 5-10 minutes. Tom told me they were still sitting on the beach and they had the only 2 red beach chairs, there.

When I arrived, at The Royal Anchor, I saw Tom and his wife and the two red beach chairs. I introduced myself to Tom and his wife, Nancy. Nancy explained what had happened and it was exactly as what Tom had told me. Nancy hadn’t gone anywhere, since the ring had gone missing and was sure, it would be in an area around the chairs. Tom and Nancy had searched the sand themselves but could not locate the ring. Nancy also told me that the ring was Yellow Gold, with 3 Blue stones, set in it. Nancy then told my wife and I that the ring was a 50th Birthday present, from her father and that yesterday, June 7th, was her Birthday. Yikes, no pressure on me now. I just had to find her very sentimental ring.

I had Tom and Nancy, move the metal chairs back a little bit, so they wouldn’t interfere, with my detector. Once the chairs were out of the way, I started passing my detector’s coil, over the area. Within 10-15 seconds, I received the unmistakable sound of gold. I was so confident of this that I told Nancy and Tom that this would be their last lost ring. I plunged my pinpointer, into the soft dry sand and found the target. Put my hand, into the sand and nothing. Put my hand in a little deeper, and I could feel the round ring, pulled it out, saw the Yellow Gold and 3 Blue Stones and Told Nancy, “I got your ring “. She and Tom were elated and Tom even said something to the effect of “what took you so long. It took you like 10 seconds “ and we all laughed. Tom also stated that he couldn’t believe how deep the ring had already become and that they would never have found it that deep. The ring had worked its way down to the 5 inch area, in just a few hours. This most likely happened because the ring was heavy, the sand was very dry and while searching for the ring, Tom and Nancy, may have pushed it a little deeper. So thankful that a ring given to Nancy, by her father, as a 50th Birthday present, is now back on her finger, the day after her birthday. I just absolutely love do this.

The staff of The Royal Anchor cheered for me, after the ring was found and thanked me for coming and helping their guests. I also left more of my cards with them and they assured me, they would definitely call me when my service is needed, in the future.