Metal detector recovery of lost Citadel Class Ring in Boothbay Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I received a call from Miranda to come search for her husband Tyler’s Citadel class ring, which was lost while he tended to his cattle at their home in Boothbay, Maine. The search took about 2 hours and ended with the ring recovered for Tyler and the cows happy to see me depart their pasture. A portion of their generous reward will be used to purchase locally farmed food that will be donated to The Camden Area Food Bank.

One Reply to “Metal detector recovery of lost Citadel Class Ring in Boothbay Maine”

  1. Tyler Dillinger says:

    A massive thank you and praise for Sean! Firstly, a passionate and dedicated military veteran whose mission nowadays is the search and rescue… of your ring. Secondly, Sean is well equipped and thorough; it’s also really fascinating to hear how he does underwater recoveries! But honestly, if it can come off, take it off, before the beach or boat…Finally, Sean has the professionalism and comfortability of a long-time friend. I only wish the day was warmer and we could’ve chatted longer!

    Again, massive thank you and recommendation for Sean Kelly and Ring Finders! You rock! Keep on Ringing and Pinging!

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