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Metal detector recovery of lost Citadel Class Ring in Boothbay Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I received a call from Miranda to come search for her husband Tyler’s Citadel class ring, which was lost while he tended to his cattle at their home in Boothbay, Maine. The search took about 2 hours and ended with the ring recovered for Tyler and the cows happy to see me depart their pasture. A portion of their generous reward will be used to purchase locally farmed food that will be donated to The Camden Area Food Bank.

White gold wedding band recovered from Little Ossipee Lake in Waterboro, Maine.

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

Alyssa contacted me to search for her husband Jordan’s wedding band which was dropped from a swimming dock in 6 feet of water at her parents lake side home. This had seemed like a pretty simple recovery, however in addition to the lake bottom being a bed of very tall grass the layer of loose silt was about 12 inches in places. The search took about 8 hours over two days, but ended with a successful recovery and another great photo for the book of smiles. With the birth of their first child expected this week, a portion of their generous reward will be directed to a local diaper bank to help ease the burden other parents are facing.