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Lost Ring in Westlock County, Alberta-Now Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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I received a call this morning from Warren. Yesterday, he had lost his month old wedding ring in a farmer’s wheat field while working on a combine. When he was finished he removed his glove and noticed that his ring was gone. He and his coworkers looked around for it without success. When he returned to his hotel room he decided to do a Google search for a metal detector to rent and he came across The Ring Finders and found me. I agreed to meet Warren in Westlock and we drove to the location that he had lost his ring.  After one and a half hours of searching we found the ring in amongst the wheat stubble, as you can see in the picture Warren was one happy guy to have his ring back on his finger. Thanks Warren for intrusting me to find your lost ring.

Wow, talk about the old saying “Like trying to find a needle in a hay stack”. That’s the task I had today!