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Lost Engagement Ring found at South Shore Beach in Little Compton RI.

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Ryan called me on May 22, frantic because she had lost her engagement ring at South Shore Beach. I was an hour away, and it was already getting late, but I told her I would meet her at the beach to look for her ring.  When I arrived, she explained that the ring fell off at the water’s edge when she was washing her hands.  She and a friend tried to find the ring, but they had no luck.  That’s when they turned to the internet for help.  I searched for her ring, but it was already getting dark, and the tide was coming in.  I couldn’t find her ring but told her I would come back the next day at low tide, which happened to be her birthday.  My wife and I set out early the next day arriving at 7 a.m., an hour before low tide.  Fortunately, I remembered the area where the ring was lost.  After making three grid passes, I dug up Ryan’s ring.  I called Ryan to tell her the good news, “Happy birthday Ryan, I found your ring!”  We made plans to meet later that day, where I was happy to return her beautiful, custom, black diamond engagement ring