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2 lost rings in Orange Beach – Found!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Jordan for the first time after finding her beautiful canary diamond engagement ring and her diamond wedding band a month ago in Orange Beach. I usually have lots to say but I think in this case, I will let Jordan’s comments speak for themselves. Great advice!  Im so happy that I could help. 😃👍💍

“Ben and I had a much needed weekend getaway! The main reason for our weekend trip though was to get my wedding rings back. About a month ago, we went to the beach with our family and friends. While I was in the ocean throwing the football with Ben, the football hit my left hand and my engagement ring and wedding band went flying through the air into the ocean. We looked for it forever. We had even random people from the beach trying to help us find it, but no luck. I had seen where someone with an underwater metal detector had found someone’s engagement ring in the water so I went back to where I had lost it and saved my coordinates hoping I could find someone with an underwater metal detector. One of our friends had sent us a website called the https://theringfinders.com. That’s where I contacted Dave. He went out there 4 days after I had lost my rings and didn’t find just one ring, but both! I was so excited and Ben was in disbelief because he said there wasn’t anyway that guy was going to be able to find it 😂.  So if you are ever in my situation, save your coordinates and contact Pensacola Ring Finders”