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Lost ring in Winter Park, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Trev was playing a lively game of volleyball with a couple of friends when he lost his ring. As he swung at the ball—barely hitting it—he felt his ring slip off his finger. He immediately stopped and yelled “I lost my ring!” He and his friends spent the next two hours running their fingers through the sand hoping to find his lost Tungsten wedding ring.
Trev had only been married for two months and he was not looking forward to telling his new bride the sad news. As Trev continued to search, one of his friends Wyatt, decided to check on-line for some sort of help. And up popped theringfinders.com web site and they decided to give me a call. Two hours later I joined Trev by the volleyball court and he explained what happened. He was positive the ring came off right where he was standing, so I fired up my Whites DFX metal detector and started grid searching. Trev offered to do the digging so I handed him my digger/sifter and away we went. We found a number of coins and at every signal Trev was hoping he could uncover his lost ring. After 30 minutes and still no ring I decided to check the grassy areas along the sides and back of the court and struck out again. So I asked Trev to explain and to actually demonstrate his exact actions when he felt his ring come off. Even though he was sure his ring came off on his side of the court, I suggested we search the other half of the court also. And sure enough on the third pass I got a great signal and there was Trev’s lost ring in the sand.
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Mike McInroe proud member of theringfinders.com