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Lost Wedding Ring Lake Livingston, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

A Wedding Ring Lost 4 years ago in Lake Livingston, Texas (Recovered)



I received a call from Jane regarding her husbands lost wedding ring in Lake Livingston. Jane said her husband had lost his ring off the dock at her parents house on Lake Livingston a little over 4 years ago, She said his birthday was coming up and she was hoping we could find the ring and she could surprise him on his birthday. I asked Jane some additional details about the search and received the following photographs of the search area. Arrangements were made to meet on 07/26/2014 Saturday morning to search for the lost ring. I arrived early Saturday morning and Jane walked with me to the dock and pointed out the area needing to be searched. Jane explained how the ring had been lost and pointed out where in the water she believed the ring may have landed when it came off her husbands hand.










































The search area water depth was between 4 and 5 feet deep in most areas.


The bottom was a thick gumbo mud and sifting the scoop after finding a target was an impossible task. Jane’s brother John assisted in laying out a tarp on the dock were every scoop containing a target was dumped. John used one of my pin-pointers and sifted through the mud hoping to uncover the ring.

A little over an hour into the search, I pulled up another target and sitting right on top of the mud in the scoop was the missing ring.















Some of the many targets found during the search. (sinkers, pennies, bottle caps, and assortments of nuts and bolts)















Jane, brother John and her husbands birthday gift this year.




















Equipment Used:

Minelab Excalibur II

Anderson’s New Extreme Carbon Fiber Detector Shaft

Custom Scoop

GoPro Hero 3



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