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Lost smart phone Ventura beach Found!

  • from Santa Barbara (California, United States)

We were out hunting for a lost tungsten wedding band just south of Ventura State beach and after an hour into the hunt I came across a huge signal in the sand. One scoop of the sand was all it took and in my scoop was a nearly brand new Samsung 8 smart phone. It was a recent drop in the past day or two as the battery was nearly dead so I took it home to charge it and to see if I could locate the owner. After charging it up the front of the phone came on and said if found please call Marcelo. I gave him a call as we were at the beach again looking for the lost wedding ring and Marcelo was actually in the area as he was coming back to the beach to try and find his phone.

As you can see from the picture Marcelo was pumped to get his phone back and I was just as excited to make the return. If you have lost a smart phone, a wedding ring, keys or anything metallic in value please call Ventura County Metal Detecting Services at 805-290-5009 as soon as you can so I can find your stuff.