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Lost Platinum Ring Found Underwater in Shelby Township Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Ending the Summer with a Smile!

With autumn arriving this Friday, many people were out enjoying the last bits of nice weather in southeast Michigan before the feel of “burnin’ daylight” overcomes us.
This nice lady and husband were out in the water throwing a frisbee around Sunday when his platinum band came off. She contacted me asking if an underwater search could be done to find the ring.
I met her and her friend without the husband at the lake and we discussed where they were when it came off. I’m glad I had my weight belt on as I started my grid search out in the rougher deep water and worked towards the shoreline with my detector pro headhunter and found a few junk items like bobby pins and junk metal earrings. In about 3.5 feet of water I got a sharp signal and pushed my long handled scoop right behind the coil and up came some shells, seaweed and as the sand drained away this gorgeous platinum band revealed itself! As you can see, she was elated that their last weekend of water fun wasn’t a disappointment!