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Engagement Ring Recovered In Sea Bright NJ

Got a late night text from Liliette asking for help in finding her lost engagement ring. I texted her back in the morning and told her to call me when i went on break at work. When she called i told her if she could meet me right away i could drive to Sea Bright and give it an hour and half to try to find her ring. She lives 45 minutes from the beach and said she’d leave ASAP. Mean time I asked for a screen shop of beach and to mark the area she lost the ring. I got to the beach and started to hunt the area but no luck. She arrived with her Fiance and I showed them where I worked and they said I was in the right area. Seem they were there the day before with their dog enjoying the day. The dog at one time desided to run and jerked the leash out of her hand and her ring came off as well and landed in the soft sand and disappeared. They tried to look themselves but had no luck. Then after thinking about it her fiance remember her saying she didnt hope it was going to get washed out with the tide. Where I had already searched was alittle higher up on the beach and I had about a 20 foot wide area from there to the water I didn’t search. I started searching that area and sure enough just at the high tide mark from last nights high tide I found her ring. She couldn’t of been more excited that I found it. Today was their 1 year anniversary of getting engaged. A great Happy Ending.