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Gold diamond ring found

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Mid last week a lady called me to search for her gold diamond ring that was of great sentimental value. She had lost while shredding lots of documents. Seven bin bags to be precise.

She said it may not even be in that lot as there was a possibility it could have been lost while removing her glove so it could be anywhere?

I agreed to the search which we carried out indoors as the weather was nasty outside. Being fully aware of the problems of indoor detecting, I detuned my AKA Sorex Pro with 6×10″ 14 kHz coil and found the cleanest spot in her sitting room, I had a few iron signals but no non ferrous.

I carried out a quick test with a pound coin to gauge sensitivity through shredded paper and staples etc. Then I carried out the search, there was shredded paper all over the place as it was necessary to empty at least half of the bag so it would flatten out enough. Bag after bag was searched with no joy, but then she said “I have another two bags in my car”. Beginning to loose hope at this stage but carried on to the last bag. then “PING” a great big solid signal that was either a coin or a ring. There was the ring that could have easily been recycled.

Another very happy lady.