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Lost ring in Lake Baldwin, Orlando, Fl……Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Can you imagine it’s your wedding day and everything is ready?! The chairs are all set up, the guests have arrived and the ceremony begins. It’s the perfect day to be outdoors, in the gazebo, on the lake. And partway through the ceremony the bride’s sister-in-law is holding the rings in a small box and just to make sure they are ready, she opens the box and somehow the brides ring drops to the deck and bounces off into the 9 foot deep water! Stunned and in shock, she cannot believe what just happened. After the ceremony the sister-in-law actually jumped into the cold water hoping to be able to retrieve the ring, but with all the weeds and soft muddy bottom, plus being 9 feet deep—it was hopeless!
Nichole contacted theringfinders.com and made arrangements to have someone meet her and attempt to recover her ring. Much to her dismay the first members search proved unsuccessful. And after looking further on theringfinders.com website she read some of the stories posted under my blog and decided to give me a call. I assured Nichole I would do everything possible to get her ring back. My first step was to call a good friend of mine, named Chris C.. He is a certified diver and has a passion for diving. A few days later we made plans to meet at the lake, suit up and find Nichole’s lost ring. But the cold water, the soft muddy bottom and an absolutely ton of weeds growing up through the mud made searching very difficult. It was impossible to actually swing a metal detector along the bottom so I opted to use my Garrett AT Pro Pointer to go inch by inch through the mud. (Nichole had shown me the precise area where the ring fell into the water so it was a matter of removing all the metal targets to be able to find her ring.) Every 5 inches I would get a signal–fish hooks, lures, coins, bottle caps, screws, nails and even a water logged cell phone and a small stainless ring were just some of the items retrieved in the 40 minutes under water. Then finally, in a hand full of mud, up came Nichole’s lost ring! It was hard to contain my excitement as I added some air to my BC and headed to the surface. What a thrill! I called Nichole and asked her if she was sitting down and then gave her the good news! She could hardly believe that we had actually found her ring and insisted I send her a picture just to make sure it was really her ring. Thank you so much for your generous reward and thank you Chris for the use of your equipment and for giving me a taste of what diving is all about! I plan to get certified and look forward to other underwater searches!
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Mike McInroe–a very proud member of theringfinders.com