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Wedding Rings Found in Seekonk MA

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Last Tuesday, Christine was walking a trail through a wooded area in Seekonk MA with her two daughters.  In a clearing near the path, she bent to brush off her daughter’s jacket, and her wedding band and diamond ring flew off of her hand.  They were lose as she had lost some weight.  Christine thought the rings had flown into leaves and brush that surrounded the clearing.  After searching the area, she couldn’t find either ring.  That evening, Christine and her husband, Bright, located me on the internet at theringfinders.com, and Bright called me for help.  The next day I met the couple in the area and had Christine reenact what had happened the previous day.  I determined that the rings had probably not flown into the brush and leaves but were on the ground in the clearing where they were lost.  Sure enough, Bright found her diamond ring on the ground in the clearing.  Immediately after, I was able to locate her wedding band.  It was a pleasure to help this couple and to see the rings back on Christine’s finger where they belong.