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Lost gold pendant in St. Augustine, Fl…..Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Bill was taking his little nephew for a ride on a small four wheeler and as he stood up to get off he noticed his heavy gold chain was unlatched and his special “Road Runner” pendant was gone. This pendant was given to him by his late father 30 some years ago as a very special gift. Bill immediately started looking for it and spent hours searching thru the long grass and sandy areas where they had unloaded and ridden the four wheeler. A few days later they used a metal detector and tried and still were not able to find Bill’s lost pendant.
Not wanting to give up, Bill searched the internet and found theringfinders.com web site and gave me a call. I arrived in St. Augustine three hours later and began my search. If the pendant was there I was determined to find it. Bill’s wife Kerri had shown me the large area where the pendant was thought to have been lost, so I set out a few markers, said a short prayer and began swinging my DFX. Bill came an hour and a half later, just as it was getting dark and we talked and searched by the light of his cell phone. Another hour passed and then I got a great signal and there just under the dead grass was Bill’s 14k gold Roadrunner pendant! You talk about one happy young man!! And thanks allot Bill for the reward and I am so glad you gave me a call and that I was able to find your lost pendant.
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Mike McInroe–grateful to be a part of theringfinders.com