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Lost and found IPhone 12 in Campbellford

Received a phone call from Sherryl today about how her Husband Ian had lost his IPhone 12 at the municipal boat launch in Campbellford Ontario. As Ian was getting out of the boat and onto the ramp, he tripped and fell into the water and his cell phone slipped out of his pocket. This happened last Saturday. Since then, they’ve had numerous people trying to snorkel and find the phone, in about 12 feet of water with only a visibility of about three feet with no success. With my metal detector and all my Scuba gear, I was able to locate the phone in twenty minutes or so. It was wedged between two boulders. The dark blue case made it difficult to see it but not impossible. Shirley was at top side, with a bag of dry rice anxiously waiting. She was very happy that it had been found since in the case, Ian also had his driver’s license, credit cards and other important items. Another happy ending!!!