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Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands Lost In Ocean Found in Ocean City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Mark and Pam have a history of capturing memories of their vacations in Ocean City, NJ by having family portraits taken on the beach. This photo shoot was extra special because the couple is celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this month. During one of the shots, their rings were placed in the sand near the water’s edge. Unexpectedly, a wave came rushing up out of nowhere, and all three rings were washed into the ocean. Mark reached out to me the day after the rings were lost, and I met him and the rest of the family on the beach. We took some time to figure out where they could be, and then I began to search. I started in the wet sand and worked my way out into the ocean. I got my first signal in knee-deep water. It was Pam’s wedding band! A few feet away, the metal detector went over the second ring, her engagement ring. The third signal was another few feet away. I pulled up
the scoop and was ecstatic to see Mark’s wedding band. It truly was a picture perfect ending and a memory I’m sure they’ll never forget.

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