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Recovered Lost Gold Onyx Diamond Ring Everett WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Jacob’s lost gold onyx diamond ring. 

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Jacob contacted me looking for help in recovering his sentimental gold onyx diamond ring. He explained to me that this was a very special ring he found in his mothers home after she passed so there was a great deal of sentimental attachment. He lost his ring about two months prior in his back yard while winding up a garden hose. He had the ring on his pinky finger making it very loose. Having been a little upset while jerking the garden hose around his gold ring shot off his finger. He told me he remembered watching his ring fly off string into a large bushy tree. He even pointed out an exact spot where he watched his ring disappear into the bushy branches. The overgrowth of this tree is so large you can actually walk inside the canopy and  be totally engulfed into a whole different space. Based on his strong eye witness account I started my search directly on the bearing he pointed out straight into the bush. I spent quite a bit of time searching inside the tree without success. Having knowledge that this was a large gold chunky mens ring and that he has some frustration when the ring got launched I knew it was possible the ring could have traveled some distance. I searched inside the tree until I was satisfied it was not there. At this point I knew I had to surface from the bush and expand my search to the yard. 

Within just a few brief moment I located his ring outside of the bushy tree. It was true that he watch his ring fly off however the ring took a bit more angle missing the bushy branches and landing just a few feet to the side. Jacob and his wife were very appreciative to have his ring back on his finger as a special memory of his mother. 

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Lost Wedding Ring Katy, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Wedding Ring Katy, Texas (Recovered)


I received a call from Danielle who explained she needed help finding her lost diamond wedding ring. Danielle said she had lost her wedding ring in her front yard while participating in some out-door activities.


I made the short trip over to Katy, Texas today and met with Danielle at her residence. Danielle identified the area of her yard that needed to be searched and provided me a description of her missing ring.

I worked a quick grid search of the yard and on the second pass hit a good signal. I paused trying not to alert Danielle of the recovery. I walked over to grabbed the GoPro and set it up to capture the moment.


















20141104_132658 (2)














Equipment Used:


TRX Pin-Pointer


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