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lost Silver Ring lost in CDA Idaho….FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Sometimes lost ring searches arrive in our lives in the most unique ways, regardless of how they may come, recovering lost rings is The Ring Finders purpose.

Alex and Sam had a problem today. Sam had a cup in her hand and that cup had it out for Sam. See, Sam walked outside with her cup in hand and right before she reached her car the handle of the cup got snagged on her silver ring and the ring flew off into the freshly fallen snow. The frantic couple raked the snow with no luck. After no one would rent them a metal detector, Alex posted on facebook that a ring had been lost. That’s where I came into the story. I sent Sam a text and then we had a brief chat about where and when. I loaded up my gear and headed off to Cda Idaho. After reaching the destination of the couple’s front yard, I relived the moment with Sam of how she lost her ring. I quickly scanned the area where they raked and right at the end of the rake marks in the snow I got a hit in the high 80s on the vdi scale. The signal was reading less then an inch in depth so I turned my pinpointer and made quick work of revealing Sam’s lost Silver. I have to say her silver ring was one of the most beautiful silver rings I’ve seen. It had a large opal stone with silver facets that streamed across the tops of it. See the pictures. Sam told me that her mom had given her that ring 7 years ago when she was in high school. The back story coupled with the beautiful ring made my trip well worth it and is what makes The Ring Finders the best directory ever created.

Sam’s lost ring[/caption

lost man’s tungsten wedding ring in Coeur d’Alene Lake , Found!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Who would of known that in Carlin bay on lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho under 25 feet of water hid the monkey that has been riding my back since March. Oh and also Tyler’s wedding ring. This search was a great example of how knowing where a ring was lost can dramatically improve its ability to be recovered in the water. Tyler lost his wedding ring right behind his boat in the private marina he uses. Tyler was putting on some sunscreen when his tight fitting ring flew off. So after diving in and failing to see the ring, his wife found my Ring Finders link. After hearing his story I decided to use a dive weight with a 1ft PVC pipe attached to mark the spot where Tyler thought the ring entered the water. The fist attempt I made to find Tyler’s ring was unsuccessful. First of all the silt down at 25ft was 2 feet thick, and inside that silt was fishing tackle and wood boards. So before the second attempt Tyler relocated the marker. In fact he placed that marker so accurately when I dove down and started searching I found his ring in less then a minute. Just a hand full of silt was all it took to pluck Tyler’s ring out of the abyss. Feeling that ring slide over my finger as I moved my hand back and forth in front of the coil nearly sent me to the surface. However keeping my wits about me I made sure the ring was safely secured on my hand and checked out my surroundings before ascending. That’s when I saw it, the way I was going to surprise Tyler. A lost led light was sitting just a few feet to my right. I swam over to it and grabbed it with the same hand the ring was on and then headed top side. As I surfaced, Tyler’s face showed worry because I came back up so quickly and faster then I had before. Seeing this I held up the led light and asked him what do you think this is. His lack of response was priceless because then I turned my pinky finger with the ring on it towards him and said what do you think this is. Confusion turned to joy quickly and I congratulated Tyler on putting the marker right next to the ring. After packing up my gear Tyler showed me the inside of his ring. Psalm 119:105 and his wife’s finger print were laser etched on the ring. After I got home and unpacked, I grabbed the led light and thought about Tyler’s verse. The verse says
Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.
I then laughed out loud and said Amen.


Tyler’s ring