lost Silver Ring lost in CDA Idaho....FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Sometimes lost ring searches arrive in our lives in the most unique ways, regardless of how they may come, recovering lost rings is The Ring Finders purpose.

Alex and Sam had a problem today. Sam had a cup in her hand and that cup had it out for Sam. See, Sam walked outside with her cup in hand and right before she reached her car the handle of the cup got snagged on her silver ring and the ring flew off into the freshly fallen snow. The frantic couple raked the snow with no luck. After no one would rent them a metal detector, Alex posted on facebook that a ring had been lost. That’s where I came into the story. I sent Sam a text and then we had a brief chat about where and when. I loaded up my gear and headed off to Cda Idaho. After reaching the destination of the couple’s front yard, I relived the moment with Sam of how she lost her ring. I quickly scanned the area where they raked and right at the end of the rake marks in the snow I got a hit in the high 80s on the vdi scale. The signal was reading less then an inch in depth so I turned my pinpointer and made quick work of revealing Sam’s lost Silver. I have to say her silver ring was one of the most beautiful silver rings I’ve seen. It had a large opal stone with silver facets that streamed across the tops of it. See the pictures. Sam told me that her mom had given her that ring 7 years ago when she was in high school. The back story coupled with the beautiful ring made my trip well worth it and is what makes The Ring Finders the best directory ever created.

Sam’s lost ring[/caption


3 Replies to “lost Silver Ring lost in CDA Idaho….FOUND!!!”

  1. Samantha says:

    Thanks again for ALL of your help Luke ♥️ We really appreciate all you did! Merry Christmas

  2. Krishna MacDonald-Mortensen says:

    I am the proud mom of the very uncoordinated. I want you to know that opal ring on my daughters finger means as much to me as it does her. It is not the ring itself that holds value. It is the young woman whom wears it. She is my pride and joy and my love, respect and admiration for her grows stronger with every passing day. She is a constant reminder of all that I am and encourages me to continue to become more. She is one of my greatest accomplishments and the smile that my heart carries. When she was given the ring it was to remind her of all the above as she is everything I desire to be and I never want her to forget how remarkable she is. Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for helping my daughter. While a ring is in truth nothing more than a possession with worthless monitory value regardless of it is a dime store purchase or 5 carrot stone from Tiffany’s, the meaning behind said possession is priceless. Again, thank you for helping my daughter and touching my heart today. Your return of her ring brought a moment of reflection on the hustle and bustle of this holiday season, what my daughter means to me and reminder that I have not expressed that enough to her lately. May your Christmas be just as remarkable to you and your family. – All my unwavering appreciation for you help, Krishna.

  3. Bob says:

    Outstanding……thanks again….Merry Christmas

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