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Lost wedding ring in the grass…St. Cloud, Florida…Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Waylon called me Thursday around noon to ask if I could help him find his wedding ring. Apparently while throwing some sticks and debris into the woods he felt his ring slide off of his finger and actually caught a glimpse of it as it sailed into the brush! After searching the area he soon realized he needed the help of a metal detector. He rented a cheap detector and searched the area but only found a few cans and bits of metal. And after 13 years of marriage and a wedding anniversary coming up in December, Waylon was anxious to find his ring.
When I asked for an address of where I could meet Waylon, he mentioned the area where he lost his ring was a new subdivision and he decided to drop me a pin of the exact location. Google maps is an amazing feature and an hour later I arrived at the site. It took me a few minutes to find the side walk and wooded area where Waylon had searched for his ring. I set out 2 flags and fired up my DFX. I usually search in Coin and Jewelry mode and have a fairly good idea of what my detector tells me when I go over different kinds of metals. My first pass was in the grass and my second pass was just into the edge of the woods. There were thick clumps of grass and brier bushes with sticks and weeds. I figured if I do not find it in the second pass then it could turn into a long tough search–as the bushes only got thicker and more of a tangled mess! But as I was ending my second pass I got a good signal. So using my trusty Garrett pro pointer, I scraped the dirt to see how deep the item was and as I brushed the dirt aside there was Waylon’s ring pressed into the ground.
As I picked up the ring and cleaned it off I realized that I had not gotten a good description from Waylon as to what exactly his ring looked like. So in a text I asked him to describe his ring. Sure enough it was his ring. I changed my boots and got some water to clean his ring and then sat down to wait for Waylon to arrive.
Fifteen minutes later Waylon drove up and I presented him with his ring!dscf2565-001dscf2563
What an honor and a pleasure it has been to help Waylon and his wife! And I encouraged him to get that ring resized and have an early Happy Anniversary!
Maybe you’ve lost something! Give me a call–ASAP!
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