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Yarmouth, Massachusette Lost, Found and Returned Wedding Band

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

This request for help was received just 2 minutes after the request to help in retrieving a cell phone from a marina. With the phone found and returned I was on my way home when Jeff got back in touch and told me of the wedding band that slipped from his finger while frolicking in the surf with this 5 year old son. A small area in shallow water, only one problem I would not be at the beach until 9PM. Good news was the tide was going out and would be low in about 3 hours. Good enough to start the search as the sea was very calm.

An hour went by with many pull tabs, bottle caps and bits of aluminum foil retrieved but no ring or even a coin. Another half hour and Jeff had to return home and get ready to leave for home in the morning. I said fine, I will go a bit deeper and work my search pattern back to the shore before going home. I will call when I get out of the water.

I went out to chest deep water almost to the end of the jetty, beyond where Jeff said he had gone and started searching again. On the third pass closer to the beach another signal rang in my ears and moments later the ring was in my scoop. I rushed back to the car to call Jeff. As my phone did not have Jeff’s phone number stored in it I had to call my wife. She called and left a voicemail with the information on Jeff phone after listening to the “Unavailable” message. Within minutes of the time my wife called me, Jeff was in sight and heading to my car. All I could see was his huge smile and a twinge of disbelief showing in he eyes. When Jeff saw the ring, he thanked me many times and wanted to know what he could do for me. Just a Thank You note is all I asked for. The time really passed quickly and it was now 11PM, time to head home and to bed as I had an early morning meeting to look for another lost ring.


Ring recovered Fremont Lakes, Fremont, Nebraska

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

Ring was lost while playing with kids in lake, tossing the kid and the ring came off.   Attempts to find the ring by diving down and feeling with hands and feet failed to find it.  Owner had a pretty good idea where in the swimming area it was lost.  While searching on the internet to rent a metal detector he came across the ringfinders and gave me a call.  Drove out after work and ring was found after about 20 minutes.