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Lost tungsten Wedding ring found in downtown Spokane WA

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

With the recent snow fall in my town, I knew that cold snow covered hands lose rings. So it was no surprise when Bryan and Cypress contacted me about Bryan’s wedding ring. It had snowed 3-4 inches yesterday.  Although at 8pm last night while it was still snowing,  I dawned my snow bibs and boots and head lamp and headed to a paid parking lot downtown. Bryan’s directions and pictures gave me a good idea of where he was parked. Which was great but there was also two big pickup trucks parked in the same area. That along with a few metal strips attached to the asphalt in the parking lot, I thought maybe his ring was under the trucks or too close to the metal to be found. However I kept swinging around, I  was in a paid parking lot and hadn’t paid. So when I saw the parking lot attendant walking around checking cars I knew I had better explain myself. He told me good luck finding it in the snow and went on about his work. Well I knew  better and watched him walk over to my car. Again I walked over too him and told him that was my car, he gave me a thumbs up and walked away. I, being a window cleaner and seeing how these parking lots work I knew I better make sure my car was not going to end up with a ticket. While I was walking around checking on the parking lot attendants whereabouts I was swinging my detector around the front of one of the big trucks. I have to say I was more focused on the attendant then Bryan’s ring. So I was surprised when my detector screamed at me and showed  a 30 vdi at 0 inches. I kicked the snow half hearted and the target moved. So I bent down and started moving the snow around. I saw the rim of the ring packed in snow and thought “Oh a quarter cool”, but this quarter had a hole in the middle, and had an owner it was Bryan’s ring. I called Bryan when I got to the parking lot and called him back with his ring in my hand. It took about 10 minutes to find his lost ring which is amazing given the fact it was night time, 28 degrees, and that parking lot had not been plowed yet.