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Lost Diamond Wedding Ring… Seal Beach, CA… Found in Surf

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



Sunday, Sept. 01, 2013

Chrisy’s mother called me excited that I had answered the phone. Her daughter had lost her diamond wedding ring in ankle to knee deep water while throwing a football. While searching the internet Christy’s mom some how called DeMarco Detector Sales in New Jersey. Joe DeMarco helped her to locate my phone number (Thanks Joe) . She contacted me. It was 4pm and the tide was coming in, but I made the trip to talk to Christy and her husband Ryan. It’s half the battle to get the location and all the information that will help make the search successful. They showed me the area and she explained that she was sure it was on her finger before playing ball, but she did not exactly feel when she lost the ring.   I told them I would return at 1 am in the morning. I was worried because the sand was very soft, mushy and there was no shell or rock base. After searching for 2 hours the ring showed up in my scoop. Actually it was less than 4 inches deep. What a beauty !! King Neptune doesn’t get to keep this ring. Christy and Ryan walked out onto the beach 10 minutes after I found the ring. It was like a new years celebration at 2:30 am with 3 people.

This was one of 17 rings found and returned using My Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector sense January, 2013.