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Lost Diamond Setting

  • from Melbourne Beach (Florida, United States)
  • Received a message about a recovery at the local dog park. It turned out that the setting (Rose gold flower and Diamond) was lost at the dog park. She reached into her back pocket and felt a snag so she looked at her ring and noticed it was missing.  After searching the known areas of the park, sidewalk, parking lot, we never recovered it. I asked her to follow her steps from when she knew that it was visible on her ring. I told her that she shouldn’t lose hope and if it’s in the park, I will find it. I asked her to go back trace her steps and look around the car, where she parks, etc. Her dog was large and the leash could have easily snagged the setting as she was entering her car.  She searched her car thoroughly. Her son was playing in the driveway the following day and noticed it on the driveway. Although I didn’t recover it, just wanted to share that although sometimes it feels hopeless, never give up. When we are helping others find their lost items, we are the detectives and we ask a lot of questions to save us time from searching areas that are not necessary. For example, if it’s a recent loss, I’m not digging up targets. I’m sweeping, looking, pinpointing in the grass and loose sand. Our job is about the recovery and to tell the story! Keep Hunting, never lose hope, but know when to determine that you know it’s not there. Stay safe everyone!!

Lost Diamond Ring Recovered on Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida

  • from Stinson Beach (California, United States)

A beachgoer in Miami Florida contacted me early morning on May 12, 2021 to recover a diamond ring lost the night before. She was a wreck searching for the ring and couldn’t sleep. Fortunately, she kept track of her position on the beach and we met before sunrise on Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida, USA.

It was a quick search in the dry sand near the tide line and within about 15 minutes, the ring was found and returned to the owner just as the sun broke through the clouds at the horizon.

Beautiful morning and a great way to start the day for this young lady who thought fast, did a web search and found theringfinders.com!

Lost ring South Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

Metal Detecting Services 305-608-1870

If you lost your wedding ring or any other type of jewelry at the beach, in the water, or in the back yard, call me at 305-608-1870. I will come out and find it with my metal detector.  Please call or text me right away day or night and I’ll tell you what you need to do to make sure we recover your lost item FAST.   Below are just a few pictures of my latest recoveries.


Lost Ring Indialantic…Found

  • from Indialantic (Florida, United States)

Hello my name is Kim, I joined The Ring Finders to help people find there lost jewelry.  If you have lost something contact me ASAP.  I’ll do my best to help you find what you thought was lost forever.

Wedding Rings Returned at Fort Desoto North Beach, Florida

Maria and Dimitriy are visiting the area from the Netherlands. They were at Fort Desoto North Beach enjoying the beach and Sun. When the decided to go swimming, Dimitriy put both his and Maria’s wedding rings into his shorts pocket to keep them safe. After they returned from swimming they laid out in the sun warming up and tanning. Soon it was to hot so they decided to move back on the beach to where there was a shade tree. Later when they decided to leave Dimitriy put on his shorts and reached for the rings. They were no longer there!!!!!! They searched in the sand over the whole area they had been playing in, but had no luck. Dimitriy used his smart phone to search for metal detectors and soon found SRARC through The Ring Finders. Tom and Mike responded and after searching for about 10 minutes Mike found both rings hiding in the sand. They were very happy to have their wedding rings back on their fingers.


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Lost Wedding Ring…Daytona Beach, Florida…FOUND!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

One afternoon in beautiful Daytona Beach Kevin was enjoying a fun game of disc golf at a local park. Mid-game he realized that his wedding ring was missing! Earlier that day he remembered having to wade into a small pond to look for his disc and thinking at the time that his ring felt a bit loose. He returned to the pond and looked for some time for his ring but soon realized with all the mud and the murky water it would be next to impossible to find. Later that evening as Kevin was searching online for a way to find his ring he came across theringfinders.com. After reading some of the stories and information he found my name in the directory. That evening he sent me an e-mail describing his situation and asked me if I could help him out. I immediately sent him back a response and we set up a time to meet at the park the next day.
I took my Tiger Shark water detector and my Whites DFX to search both water and land at the site. After meeting Kevin and listening to his story he showed me the area in which he was sure the ring was lost. I choose the TS and into the cool murky water I stepped. The bottom of the pond was very muddy and was full of long grass like plants. I first tried clearing out the exact spot where Kevin said he was searching for his disc. There were the usual junk targets like nails and a few coins and even a section of an old fishing pole. I had a medium sized long handled sand scoop that worked well for digging in the mud and after an hour of no luck I finally came up with the ring in the bottom of the scoop and you should have seen the look on Kevin’s face! Surprise, shock, joy and the look of “I can’t believe you actually found it!!” A look which quickly turned to “Oh Yea! You really did find it!!”
It has been my honor and privilege to once again help a person in need and I am so glad for Kevin and his little family that their happy story continues and the ring has been returned to it’s rightful place!
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Lost White Gold Ring at Cocoa Beach, Florida….FOUND!!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Early Monday morning I received an e-mail from Chris stating that his girlfriend had lost a small gold ring at Cocoa Beach late Sunday afternoon. As they were leaving the beach they realized their bag had a hole in it and the ring had slipped out. They spent an hour looking in the sand but were not able to find the ring. That night Chris went online to look for information on recovering lost jewelery and came across my name at theringfinders web site.

Later Monday morning I was able to talk to Chris and we set up a time to meet up half way and drive to the exact location. It was an absolutely beautiful spring day in the low 80’s with a cool breeze coming off the pristine Atlantic Ocean!

Chris showed me right where they had put their bag and the two paths on which they had walked to and from the car. (He also had lost a single car key that later on as we were searching the sand Chris was able to spot by eye and we were only 15 minutes into the search!)

I found the usual junk items in the sand–bottle caps and a few pull tabs along with a cool little hot wheels car–but no ring! I then decided to widen my search along one of the path ways and got a small signal that was barely audible and as I kicked the sand away to reveal the item— there was a small silver part of a band showing in the sand!!

It was such a thrill to be able to hand Chris his girlfriend’s precious ring and to see the joy it brought him!

And now what was lost has been found!!

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