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Lost Wedding Ring…Daytona Beach, Florida…FOUND!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

One afternoon in beautiful Daytona Beach Kevin was enjoying a fun game of disc golf at a local park. Mid-game he realized that his wedding ring was missing! Earlier that day he remembered having to wade into a small pond to look for his disc and thinking at the time that his ring felt a bit loose. He returned to the pond and looked for some time for his ring but soon realized with all the mud and the murky water it would be next to impossible to find. Later that evening as Kevin was searching online for a way to find his ring he came across After reading some of the stories and information he found my name in the directory. That evening he sent me an e-mail describing his situation and asked me if I could help him out. I immediately sent him back a response and we set up a time to meet at the park the next day.
I took my Tiger Shark water detector and my Whites DFX to search both water and land at the site. After meeting Kevin and listening to his story he showed me the area in which he was sure the ring was lost. I choose the TS and into the cool murky water I stepped. The bottom of the pond was very muddy and was full of long grass like plants. I first tried clearing out the exact spot where Kevin said he was searching for his disc. There were the usual junk targets like nails and a few coins and even a section of an old fishing pole. I had a medium sized long handled sand scoop that worked well for digging in the mud and after an hour of no luck I finally came up with the ring in the bottom of the scoop and you should have seen the look on Kevin’s face! Surprise, shock, joy and the look of “I can’t believe you actually found it!!” A look which quickly turned to “Oh Yea! You really did find it!!”
It has been my honor and privilege to once again help a person in need and I am so glad for Kevin and his little family that their happy story continues and the ring has been returned to it’s rightful place!
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