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Lost Women’s Gold Class Ring in Marysville, OH “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Lost Women's Gold Class Ring in Marysville, OH "FOUND"

Lost Women’s Gold Class Ring in Marysville, OH “FOUND”

I received an email about a lost women’s gold class ring. It was lost in the summer of 1983, 29 years ago. She only had her class ring for a couple of months before she lost it in her yard. The ring had a lot of sentimental value, because it had her high school boyfriends stone on the class ring. Which was also her first love.

Her and her high school boyfriend have been brought back together after 28 years apart and often talk of the ring she lost. She wonder if it was possible to find the ring. I notified her and told her that it is very possible to find it.

After looking for about a hour using the grid search and flags. The class ring was found. Telling her that I have found something of hers, she got excited. But started crying in happiness after telling her the stone on the ring was red. She did not tell me the stone color in our conservations. Everyone in her family that was there was very happy to see the ring again. It  made me very happy to see her happy as I received a hug from her.

I am glad that I was able to bring a smile to her  in returning the class ring after 29 years apart.