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Lost ring found in Falmouth Heights, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

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That is all it took for Lindsay to reunite her husband and his ring that had fallen off in Nantucket Sound while swimming at Falmouth Heights Beach. It was just a short mini vacation to the Cape for a few good meals and a few hours on the beach away from the daily pressures of the Covid19 epidemic.

They were having a great time until the day before returning home. That’s when Mike’s ring slipped off his finger into the water. They thought of buying a replacement. After weighing all options it was decided to first give a Ring Finder a chance to locating the ring. Nothing more to loose they gave their friend’s recommendation to contact me a try.

When first contacted the tide and waves were such that I would not be able to get out far enough into the area the ring was lost at. The next day the swells were done to about a foot and the low tide was at 2:30. Perfect for shot at finding the ring. With e-mails and a picture of were the ring was lost in hand I found a “free” parking space and headed to the water. The second pass and I had the wedding band in my scoop.

I called Lindsay and made arrangements to return the ring via the USPS. A request for a photo of Mike with his reunited ring for the book of smiles.

Heirloom Lost, Found and Returned on Chapoquoit Beach, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 31, 2018 Emily took a late evening dip in Buzzard’s Bay not knowing King Neptune would be ripping her heirloom engagement ring from her finger. The next day Cindy (her mother), Kevin (her fiance’) and a friend, Isabel had helped in looking for the ring to no avail. At 5:05 I pulled into the parking lot. After introductions and the story of the loss I made it into the water at 5:20. On the third pass in the delineated area and my first target, the ring was found. Many onlookers were amazed at how easily I had made the find. It was not me, it was Emily as she knew exactly were she lost the ring. It was within 8 feet of where she had shown me how she had lost the ring. Kevin showed up about 10 minutes late to see the recovery. But he was in time to enjoy the thrill of Emily having the family heirloom back on her hand, soon to be taken in marriage. Well wishes to a terrific couple.