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Clemson class ring returned in Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Tim Hadsell was visiting his sister in the Denver area from his home in Virginia when he lost his beloved Clemson class ring. It happen during a bit of a snow ball fight after a 20+ inch snow fall. A search for Tim’s ring followed but partially due to the time of day, 10:30PM, the ring was not found. They then found my information on TheRingFinders and contacted me the next day. Due to commitments that evening I could only search the following morning and maybe a few minutes that evening.

That following morning I arrived at the search site around 7:30 and searched for 2 hours. But with 16-20 inches of snow the search was unproductive. After work I returned for a few minutes of searching that evening. I expanded my search area and still nothing. Upon returning to the main search area with a good reduction of snow during the day I heard a faint signal from my CTX. I pulled away 12+ inches of snow and  rechecked the signal which had moved. I chased the signal around a bit and suddenly Tim’s ring revealed itself.

Tim got to return home with his ring just a couple of days later.


Ring recovered 3-25-2016

IMG_0413Tim Hadsell